Nature’s Pocket

Hey, have you ever thought about pockets? If you’re not familiar with the term, a pocket is a “little hidden bag” that can usually be found in pants, jackets, shirts, and other clothing items and accessories. Does that ring a bell? Pockets can even be found in some mammals (see marsupials, and ladies, between your legs). But other than the ones born with it, how did any of the other items come to have those inconspicuous wonders of today’s practical world?

According to people who are a lot much faster readers than me, pockets in the form of pouches sewn to a belt have been around since 3000 years before The Jesus – I guess even then people needed something to pat three times before leaving their cave – and started being sewn into men’s clothes, but not women’s, in the 17th century. Woman’s pockets continued to be tied on or hidden under their skirt. This trend seems to have come from a very rooted place as it has followed us all the way to the 21st century but not without contest.

By the beginning of the 20th century women had started sewing pockets on their skits and the militants of women’s organizations who were fighting for their right to vote were also taking pockets backs. Most suffragette suits, the militants’ attire, had no less than 6 pockets. Eventually, they were given the right to vote, and a purse. During and after the World Wars, when woman’s fashion became more practical a large pockets common on women’s apparel.

In the meantime, men had pretty much just been putting their keys, and wallets in their pockets until cellphones became small enough to fit in one of them. Nowadays men’s pockets are an average 9.1 inches down and 6.4 inches across while women’s are a sad 5.6 inches down and 6 inches across.

The difference is remarkable, although it’s worth keeping in mind that women are born with a pocket of their own, the so-called “Nature’s Pocket” (see Broad City S01E05) which has a unique set of properties of its own. Regardless, why such a big difference? are pockets that powerful of a tool? Sit on it and share some ideas, all I know is that you can’t be a kangaroo without a pocket.